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Used or refurbished electronics are better than new ones for some excellent reasons. Companies such as IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP, and Gateway are known for making high quality laptop computers. Each company is a reliable manufacturer of quality goods and is highly competitive in the market. Giving the customer exactly what they want, making top-notch products, and offering repairs in cases where the products are defective are a few options to be provided to the customer. Every company spends a lot to advertise their new product. However, when the product is refurbished they do not advertise it, thus saving that money.

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The new IBM Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook 6.5.1 provides the solution for businesses looking to migrate away from Microsoft Exchange, but don't want to retrain their users. Now company employees can continue using their existing Outlook client for messaging, calendar and scheduling, and personal information management (PIM) services, with replacing Microsoft Exchange server infrastructure to Lotus Domino servers, running on the hardware and operation system of their choice, including Linux.


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